Hindu Mythology

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Hindu mythology has interesting theories on how the Earth was created and the reincarnation of people, Hinduism is very different to many other mythologies and has some unique key features that make it stand out from the rest. History tells that there are over 330 million gods in Hindu mythology. There are six main gods in Hinduism. Hindu’s have an interesting belief of what happens to them after death, the afterlife Hindus believe in must be met by accomplishing a goal. Hinduism is a unique belief in many gods, the life cycle and reincarnation of its people. Hindu mythology has been around for ages; it is the world’s oldest surviving religion. Hinduism was formed through diverse traditions in the year 2,000 B.C.E. There…show more content…
One day the husband remembered he left his loincloth on a bush so he ordered horseman to get it, when they got there there was no castle. The husband went to the girl and talked, she said she's sorry, she wanted to impress him but really she had no parents. The husband said that its all ok. This story shows how its not good to lie about something, also it shows the love they still have
Wisniewski 3 for each other after the husband was lied to (Parameswaran,1). Myths are made to tell to children and usually there is a lesson or story the myth teaches. Another Myth is called Shiva and the Sacrifice. Shiva’s father-in-law held a sacrifice for the gods, all of the gods were inited but only Shiva was not invited. Shiva got very angry being left out from the sacrifice that he and some servants of his world attack the ceremony. They ate all the priests and threw blood on the priests. While doing this, a drop a sweat fell onto earth and formed disease. Brahma then promised Shiva could take part in all future sacrifices, in return Shiva made disease into many ailments, this would trouble the humans and animals (mythencyclopedia.com,1). This myth was created to show how Hindus believe disease came into this world and how something you do can negatively affect other people. The afterlife Hindus believe in is much different but unique from other beliefs. Hindu’s believe life is cyclical. This means that they do not just die once but are reborn
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