Hindu Vs Being Indian Analysis

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"You know you're going to hell, right?" "I would like you better if you were Christian." "You can be saved." In writing these words, it seems almost outlandish that people would say this to a young child, however these are things that I have heard time and time again. Being born in Texans and growing up in Indiana, it isn't hard to find people who have never met an Indian person let alone a Hindu in their entire life. However, being Hindu and being Indian are two factors that have played an immense role in shaping my personality and what I value. I cling to my culture more than I've clung to my own family. When I first moved to Indiana, the first friend I made, I made because of being Hindu. I attended the Hindu Heritage Camp and found other…show more content…
It has taught me that with patience and persistence, people will accept you for who you are and even come to appreciate the nuances of your culture. Being Hindu has taught me that despite what people think of your culture, being different is something to embrace and cherish because even a six year old can realize it sets you apart, it makes you special. While some might say that I'm at a disadvantage, I could not be more grateful for the circumstances of my life. Every disparaging comment has been an opportunity for me to not only explain why I love this culture the way I do but also an opportunity to reflect on what my culture means to me. For while, I am an Indian and Hindu American, I am first and foremost, an American and when I explain the intricacies of my culture and my beliefs I ground it all within the context of my being American. For if I do not establish that I am just as American as the people who despise me for the color of my skin, the food that I eat, and the languages that I speak, I need to remind them that I am every bit as American as they are and this is where I belong. So here I am unapologetically, a Hindu, Indian, and
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