Hindu Wedding - Hindu Weddings

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Hindu Wedding
Hindu weddings can be very festive (Blanchard). Everyone wear bright colored clothes and eat spicy or vegetarian food (Blanchard). They even eat flat bread, pastries, cake, and ice cream (Blanchard). Normally, guest send the newlyweds money in an envelope days later (Blanchard). The weddings normally last at least three days (Blanchard). At first, the groom comes in on a white horse and that’s when the guest dance around him. The bride and her family meet the groom and his family to exchange garlands (Blanchard). Afterwards, there is a crazy party and lots of dancing (Blanchard). Hindu weddings are one of the most important part in a Hindu’s life time (Rosinsky 32-33). It just shows that they are tied together like a knot (Rosinsky 32-33). They step around sacred fires and recite prayers and have wishes for their new life (Rosinsky 32-33) . They also have songs and rituals that go along during the wedding (Rosinsky 32-33). This is all the stuff that you may find in a Hindu Wedding.
First is the pre-wedding of it all, the start of the wedding. This includes multiple steps. You start off with the engagement ceremony which is also called the ring ceremony ("India Wedding Preparations"). Next is the Tilak ceremony and this is where the brides brother applies the Tilak to the groom along with gifts ("India Wedding Preparations"). Then you have the Sagai ceremony where the bride and groom both exchange their gifts to one another ("India Wedding Preparations"). (This…

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