Hindu Weddings

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Extravagant clothing, succulent victuals, exquisite flowers, spectacular photography and many other grand decorations are the foundation of a Hindu marriage. Hindu marriages, like most other cultural wedding ceremonies, are deeply concerned with their religious rituals and customs. Most ceremonies in the Hindu culture are family oriented with great emphasis on entertainment and inspiration. Also, off course, the amount of decorations and the extent to which the rituals are carried out depends greatly on the class of the families in society. Wealthier families are inclined to spend vast amounts of money into the wedding ceremony to make it extremely extravagant, whereas the lower class families tend to
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There are a number of pre-marriage celebrations that are carried out, including the engagement and other days on which families and friends get together and rejoice. Other pre-marriage celebrations consist of Mehndi, Sangeet, and Tilak. Mehndi, also known as henna, plays a great role in the wedding celebrations. There is a whole day devoted to the Mehndi Ceremony, which is performed by the bride’s side. There was a banquet hall booked for the Mehndi ceremony and close to three hundred guests were invited. There was singing and dancing to traditional music, remarkable diversity of foods, exquisite decorations with an elegant assortment of mostly yellow flowers. The bride’s friends and relatives performed wonderful dances. The girls applied henna on the bride’s hands and feet, making traditional designs and patterns. The henna is supposed to symbolize passion and the strength of love in the marriage and so the bride has to keep it on for a long time. The bride was dressed in light yellow and white clothes, the colours symbolizing purity. After the Mehndi Ceremony, the bride is not allowed to the leave the house until on her marriage day. Between the Mehndi Ceremony and the marriage day there is a night devoted to Sangeet. Sangeet merely just means music. It is mostly considered the most enjoyable and entertaining night as friends and family just dance all night long. Sangeet was held at the bride’s house and mostly the friends and relatives of the bride
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