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Hinduism and Buddhism Park University Desmond Hutchinson RE307 Abstract Both Hinduism and Buddhism originated in India a very different world and origin than the other main religions. What is now called Hinduism began in India around 2000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Minorities in religion Hinduism and Buddhism are still well known and are growing in its followers from all over the world not just limited to the traditional geographical locations. Hinduism and Buddhism are different in many ways than other religions like Christianity and Judaism. Hinduism and Buddhism have very similar core beliefs but they vary in some beliefs as well. Hinduism According to the followers of Hinduism but Hindus often use the term Sanatana Dharma for their religion. It means original religion. Hindus believe that their religion has existed since the dawn of humanity (Hemeyer, 2010). They believe is has no set basis of just one religion but it is a combination of many Asian religions that form one religions coined the human religion. Hinduism is just a part of the human religion. Hinduism differs from most other religions of the world, most other religions rely on doctrine or belief Hinduism does not, and it focuses more on practice than other mainstream religions. Hindus do not hold any one world view or any set of beliefs. They follow in principles in the Vedas which are sacred writings that have influenced the development of Hinduism. The Hindus are

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