Hinduism And Buddhism : Diversity And World Cultures

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Analyzing Religions

Stephanie Bates

Argosy University

Diversity and World Cultures | HUM215 G02

Gerald Willis



I have chosen Hinduism and Buddhism as the two religions for this assignment. With religion being such an intricate part of many cultures, I found these religions most interesting due to their similarity. Both of these religions originated in the subcontinent of India, these religions have had an awkward relationship that can be compared to Christianity and Judaism. The belief is that Buddhism is an off shoot of the Hindu religion. My goal is to address the questions in this assignment and to take a look at how close these two religions truly are and what role do these religions play in the lives of those who practice them.

Hinduism and Buddhism affect one another from numerous points of view. The Buddhist idea of preservation and love toward every single living thing found it’s begins in India, while Mahayana Buddhism took its customs from Indian practices for reverential love. Buddhism also had a hand in influencing the development of the art and architecture of the Hindu religion and also contributed to the art of mediation and higher conditions of awareness. Yet the Hindu tantra impacted the inception and advancement of Vajrayana Buddhism.
Buddhism got its start around 2500 years ago, a ruler named Siddhartha Gautama started question the meaning of his life. After
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