Hinduism And Buddhism : What Is Hinduism?

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Hinduism and Buddhism
What is Hinduism?
‘The religion life of India is like the river Ganges. It has flowed along for thousands of years, swirling from its own power, but also from the power of new streams that have added to its force’. (pg 78 Fifth edition Experiencing the world’s religions, traditions, challenges, and change) Hinduism, is the main religion of India and is the worship of numerous gods with a faith in a solitary celestial reality. Hinduism has numerous divisions of religion, but they have a related family of beliefs. Information about this religion can be describe to us by learning about the ancients scriptures of India called The Vedas. They give detail data about gods, and devotion during the Vedi period. The Vedas teachings were preserved only in oral form for numerous years, but at a later point were transcribed down, so they could be passed down to others generations. The Vedas are the earliest sacred texts of Hinduism and it means “knowledge” or “sacred lore”. There are four basic sacred books: 1. Rig veda is basically a collection of at least one thousand chants that were used for the Aryan gods. 2. The Yajur Veda contains detail instructions for recitation to be done during a sacrifice. 3. The Soma Veda is basically music used during the vedic chants. 4. The Atharva Veda is prayers and charms. Now there is one more called The Rig Veda and according to our text book “it has an account of the origin of the universe. The universe is said to have
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