Hinduism And The Sacred Scriptures

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Hinduism is one of the oldest religion in the world, despite this, the group is not well organized and it has no single system and approach which can be used to teach its values. They do not have a set of rules which they can follow just like the Ten Commandments. On the other hand, the Hindus believe in a supreme being who is the guider of the human beings and oversee the adherence of concepts like dharma, karma, and truth. They also believe in the authority of the Vedas which is the sacred scriptures, its interpretation may vary greatly. Important Vedic deities in Hindu The Hindus have incorporated different pantheons of deities and some are the manifestation or the combination of the others. Some of these deities mentioned in the Vedas…show more content…
The other use of the caste structure is that it defines the social rank of a person. This is because it does not recognize the wealth, power and poverty level of an individual. This guides him to pursue his obligations as it set all the people to be equal at birth. This makes an individual to take all the other human being to be equal as they do not involve their social power and wealth to judge others. The other use of the caste arrangement is that can provide mental safety to an individual. Through it, an individual has to know what public life he can follow as he has the information of the place he to marries. This defies the kind of social life that person has to live so that he can meet the expectations. Caste can also help an individual to make a selection of his occupation. This is because the person is offered with the right occupation he should follow from birth. He is then guided to see that he achieves what is required in that occupation. With the use of the caste, an individual can be in a position to select a life partner. This is because it has set the guidelines of endogamy thus the individual has to join in matrimony within his personal class or the sub caste. This is because the selection of the mates is based on the caste rules. The caste system as well determines the actions of an individual. This is because it operates on a set of codes ad guidelines which guide each individual. The use of the status structure governs the way people
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