Hinduism Basic Religion

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Hinduism is the world religion that comprising both continuity and change. Hinduism has always combined and adapted to a variety of social and cultural contexts. It encompasses several and varied systems of philosophy, belief, and ritual. Hinduism is a Basic Religion with an animistic cosmology, out of which developed monistic and monotheistic. Hinduism is characterized by the belief in reincarnation, one absolute being of multiple manifestations, the law of cause and effect, and the desire for liberation from the cycle of births and deaths. In the following, there will be discussion of some characteristics of Basic Religion that are found in the Hindu tradition, philosophical monism of Hinduism and how it relates to the Basic Religion of Hinduism and also the beliefs and expressions of monotheism in the Basic Religion as well as scriptures. There are some characteristics of Basic Religion that are found in the Hindu tradition. First, it is the rite of passage. It is the ritual that intended for blessings and divine favor during important transitional times in life. For a young…show more content…
Saguna Brahman refers to a belief in a personal God or goddess. He or she has a personality, is the creator, can respond to the worshipers prayers and sacrifices—puja. For instance, the Vaishnavas worship Vishnu or one of his avatars. Vishnu is one of the major God in Hinduism. He depicts as king, the upholder, the social order. The four arms are represented a God and not human being. The Shaivas are devoted to Shiva as one ultimate God. Shiva was who meditated and practiced yoga. He is worshiped as lingam, an erect penis as a spiritual power. The Shaktas worship Shakti, the feminine creative power, manifested in one of the powerful goddess like Durga or Kali. Durga is the goddess that has power to kill demons. Kali is black and one of Shiva’s wives. She represents strong power, Creation, preservation, and
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