Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shinto

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Hinduism, Buddhism and Shinto, while vast in differences there is much to learn about these three religions similarities as well. Some facts and history of Hinduism include, Hinduism (being the oldest of the three) is dated back in pre-history before 10000 BC even believed to predate the Indus River Valley Civilization! The Vedas (the holy text of Hinduism) is the foundation for Indian culture and also the basic belief system of Hinduism. The basic belief structure of Hinduism is as follows, the three doctrines; Samsara (1) which means “successive rebirths” indicating the belief in reincarnation started by ATMA or the spark of life given by the god Brahma. This cycle continues until the soul collects enough good Karma (2) to break from the …show more content…
It could somewhat be compared to the 10 commandments of Christianity. This is a way to move closer to nirvana by following these simple actions in your everyday life. This differs from Hinduism in that you do not need to accumulate good karma to move closer to breaking the cycle of reincarnation. A distinct difference between Hinduism and Buddhism is that Buddhism rejects the concept of extreme asceticism. Buddhism follows what is called the “middle way” or “middle path” which, in a nutshell, means balance not too much of any one thing. Not over indulging or under indulging. Just what you need no extras are needed. Whereas in Hinduism the main goal is extreme asceticism as well as great wealth. Buddhism also does not have any type of gender bias. Although in its texts it does mention gender roles or duties it does not go to such extremes as Hinduism. Some similarities between Hinduism and Buddhism include that both believe in reincarnation. Also both have more than one path to enlightenment. Also both religions practice meditation and certain forms of yoga. Lastly both believe that suffering is caused by excessive attachment to things/people here in the physical world. Next I would like to introduce my third religion of discussion which is Shinto. Shinto is a religion native to Japan. Shinto was originally influenced by a combination of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. The word Shinto literally means “way of the gods”. Shinto believe
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