Hinduism : Hinduism And Hinduism

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Part One: Hinduism Worldview Hinduism is a panetheism belief system in which there are over 330 million different deities. They have a large number of different sects (Hindson and Caner 262-265). Hinduism starts with 3 Trimurti, or deities and ends with over 330 million different gods (Hindson and Caner 262-265). With an estimated 850 million followers (Halverson 1-8) . Hindus strongly believe in reincarnation, and karma. They believe that untill one reaches the highest state of purity, they will continue to be reincarnated until it can be reached. Karma is the belief that one suffers the effects of their actions, if not in the present life, but each life afterwards. 1. The Question of Origin - The origins of Hinduism can be traced back as far as 200 years before Christ, during which time Aryan deities have been traced to. There is no one start, or founder to pinpoint the origins of Hinduism. 2. The Question of Identity - Hindu worship over many deities, and have a two belief system that sin and evil are just illusions and that time is cyclical. They believe that there are four paths in life; Pleasure (Kama), Wealth (Artha), Harmony (dharma) and Liberation (Moksha). Harmony is described as living in peace with all living creatures and not fighting with one another for power, or abusing one another through greed. Liberation is the freedom from all desires and cravings. These two are considered the ideal paths to achieve (Hindson and Caner 262-265) . Wealth and
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