Hinduism Is An Umbrella Term For A Group Of Similar Religions

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The word Hinduism is not the name of one religion, rather Hinduism is an umbrella term for a group of similar religions. Hinduism is very diverse, and it is more like a family of religions instead of just a single religion. Within Hinduism there is an extraordinarily wide and diverse range of beliefs and practices from which all Hindus can choose. As a whole, Hinduism is the entire complex of beliefs and institutions that have appeared from the time of the ancient scriptures to now. Hinduism is very similar to many religions. Hindus have gods whom they worship and have relationships with. They have Brahmins, who are priests, who conduct all of the necessary public rites and sacrifices. Also like many religions, Hinduism has sacred writings from which they look to for to guidance and for the knowledge of their practices and beliefs. They have the Vedas, there are four in the collection of the Vedas, with the most important being the Rig-Veda. It is the main and the oldest, it contains over one thousand hymns and reflecting the religious devotion of long-established family and other groups. There is one thing that makes Hinduism different than many religions though, Hinduism is an orthopraxy religion where others are orthodoxy in practice. An orthopraxy religion is a religion that is based on practice and not belief. An orthodoxy religion is one this if more focused on the correct belief. As a whole, Christianity is highly orthodox in practice. For them, their salvation is

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