Hinduism Is The Major Religion Of India And Is Monism

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Hinduism is the major religion of India and is monism. It is defined as “uniting the worship of many Gods with a belief in a single divine reality.” (Molloy, 2015, p.75). “Hinduism is not a single, undefined religion; it is more like a family or beliefs” (Molloy, 2015, p.75). Hinduism is a religion where it is not as structured or has a lot of rules as catholic or baptist. I like it because it is most based off of a way of living your life to reach the ultimate destination. Which is the “path of desire” pleasure and success to achieve them you must maintain the fundamental rules of life they are the 5 principles; 1. God Exists: One Absolute OM. One Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara (Shiva) Several divine forms, 2. All human beings are divine, 3. Unity of existence through love, 4. Religious harmony, and 5. Knowledge of 3 Gs: Ganga (sacred river), Gita (sacred script), Gayatri (sacred mantra). And the 10 disciplines 1. Satya (Truth), 2. Ahimsa (Non-violence), 3. Brahmacharya (Celibacy, non-adultery), 4. Asteya (No desire to possess or steal), 5. Aparighara (Non-corrupt), 6. Shaucha (Cleanliness), 7. Santosh (Contentment), 8. Swadhyaya (Reading of scriptures), 9. Tapas (Austerity, perseverance, penance) 10. Ishwarpranidhan (Regular prayers). (#######) “Hinduism has no identifiable founder, no strong organizational structure to defend it and spread its influence.” (Molloy, 2015, p.75). It originates from 1,0000 B.C. and the scripture that is mostly used is the Vedas, it…
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