Hinduism, Islam, And Hinduism Essay

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Religious activities have diversified across the world in the recent past. These activities are often based on the beliefs of particular groups of people that are often geared toward upholding the social graces that make a society prosper. Each religion has its unique features that differentiate it from other religions across the world. The beliefs and practices of various religions often follow a set of principles laid by the founders of that religion. In most cases, these principles often have a primary theme that they tend to support. The major religions that are practiced b many people across the world are Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. The three religions are practiced in different parts of the world depending on the beliefs of the population in a particular part of the world. Hinduism is a religion that is dominant in South Asia. In particular, the Hindu religion is mostly practiced in India than in other countries. Ranked as the third largest religion after Christianity and Islam, the religion often has rules and principles that are embraced by the Indians and other small groups with the interest in professing the Hindu region. The religion has set out various traditions that ought to be followed by all people who wish to profess it. In particular, the religion’s traditions include Shaivism, Vaihanivism as well as Shaktivism among numerous other traditions. The religion further has a broad spectrum of rule and regulations as well as prescriptions
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