Hinduism On Yoga

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In Hinduism, yoga is a practiced art form to connect with oneself spiritually. Yoga means union, which means a union with oneself spiritually, through activity. Yoga was practiced by monks and spiritual leaders in India to become and or reach enlightenment. Yoga not only can help students become more spiritually enlightened, yoga can help students reach a level of intentionality, presence, and connection with oneself and the world. However, in today’s society where everyone is looking to have the most materially and to be the most attractive, yoga has been watered down by most people; consequently, becoming a form of physical activity to be the best looking, without the thoughtfulness of the spirit. In western society, everyone is fighting to be the best and to look the best; people push themselves further and further away from their spiritual being and closer and closer to having to have the most money, have the biggest house, and have the most materially. We push ourselves further and further from reaching our most valuable self, complete presence.…show more content…
I have gone through bouts of depression where it is even hard for me to leave the bed, but when I practiced yoga it released me from the depression. Not to say after one yoga class that I was suddenly not depressed, but the intentionality that I practiced with helped me feel normal. My consistent yoga practice pushes me farther and farther out and away from depression. It brings me closer to becoming more intentional with everything I do in life. Yoga helps me to become more present and helps me focus on my mind on my spirit in times of tasking physical work. It brought me to presence in the moment, leading me to become more of the person I want to be. Furthermore, the connection my mind body has is incredible. After I practice yoga, I feel this bliss wash over
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