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Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what makes up the Hindu religion is Sanarana Dharma, which is also known as Hinduism, an alternative label that is preferred today. Hinduism is the traditional religion of India. Sanatan Dharma is one of the oldest religions known to mankind and Hinduisms religion is still in practice today. The spiritual expressions of Sanatana Dharma range from extreme asceticism to the extreme sensuality, from the heights of personal devotion to a deity to the heights of abstract philosophy (Fisher, M.P., 2005). Hinduism have been able to hold itself together for several years; Hinduism is still one of the major religions in the world, so, the factor that it is more than a way of life,…show more content…
Another belief is that though Hindu mythology mentions a class of evil beings, opposed to the celestial spirits, essential Hindu philosophy does not believe in any concept of a central Devil or Satan. This does not mean that all the evil in the world is attributed to God, but that the evil deed is ascribed to human ignorance (Fisher, M. P., 2005). These actions determine the course of life and the life cycle for the soul in its subsequent life. Virtuous actions take the soul closer to the Supreme Divine, and lead to a birth with higher consciousness. Evil actions hinder this recognition of the Supreme Divine, and the soul takes lower forms of worldly life. All existence, according to Hinduism, from vegetation to mankind, is subjects to the eternal Dharma, which is the natural law

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