Hinduism Teaches Low Caste People

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Hinduism teaches low-caste people that the way to elevate their status in their next life is by leading an honorable life this time around and not performing any acts of wrongdoings towards the caste system and others in different castes (Deshpande & Kerbo, 2010). Since a person can climb the social ladder through reincarnation they will be able to become a priest, if they reach Moksha and yoke their Atman with Brahman. Since becoming a priest could only be achieved through rising to the top of the caste system through reincarnation, which could possibly take many lifetimes, an alternative route was created for people to become priests in one lifetime through the modernization of Hindu society. In this alternative route, there are four stages of life, the first twenty-five years of someone’s life they are dedicated to being a student, the next twenty-five are being a householder, the third part of someone’s life is when they move out of the house and into the woods once their children are grown and out of the house, and finally the last stage is becoming a priest and renouncing the world. This way more people are becoming priests than through the caste system and because of this people are reaching Moksha quicker, which is becoming one with their god, Brahaman the creator and is the ultimate goal in Hinduism. In addition to the four recognized castes, there is another group of people that are not recognized* as a part of the Hindu social system, they are called the Dalit’s
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