Hinduism: The Caste System In Hinduism

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Starting off, the caste system in Hinduism it originates from the Rig Veda, not only is it an ancient system but many regard it as a distinctive trait of Hinduism and its long history and that it is virtually identical to the essence of Hinduism (Varna & Jati 9522) caste is also known as Varna in Sanskrit which means color but can be better translated to mean order (Varna & Jati 9522). The caste system places people into four hierarchal classes Brahmin or priest is the highest in the caste they are considered the closest to god, they are also the people responsible for keeping sacred knowledge and teaching it to others. Since they were the first caste created from the cosmic man they have a superiority over all other caste members this is one of the only traits shared by the various…show more content…
They are considered unclean and dirty, touching them may taint your soul. They are given the worst jobs often jobs such as plumbing, street sweeping, and other menial jobs are given to them because they are considered below the other members of the caste. The Dalits face a great social injustice due to being considered outside the caste. Not only this but they are pushed to the slums and forced to live in poverty, due to the system they are placed into. Thanks to this poverty they are also forced to eat meat unlike the other members of the caste, this is due to them being made to take jobs that involve them moving animal carcasses and being allowed to keep them, since they will be able to save what little money they have by eating this as their main diet. It is these conditions and unjust treatment that have led various people to try and encourage a change in the caste system or to abolish the system altogether but there are two individuals who stand out among them that have gone above and beyond to help these people that have suffered so
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