Hinduism Vs. Hinduism : Different Beliefs Of Hinduism And Hinduism

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Hinduism and Judaism both have different views on their believes of social mobility. Hinduism unlike Judaism, believe that social hierarchy is legit. Judaism believed that everyone is equal. Judaism and Hinduism both view gender is similar ways. According to Hinduism and Judaism, the female was created as part of the duality in creation, to provide company for the men, to procreate, and to teach their religious tradition to their children. Hinduism, unlike Judaism, believe in reincarnation or the soul being reborn into a higher or lower caste based on their pervious lives due to Karma and Dharma. At the bottom of the caste system are the Sudras, who are servants and laborers. The next higher class is the Vaisyas who are merchants, farmers and artisans. The top of the caste system is the Kshatriyas or the warrior class and at the very top are the Brahmin priests who have the largest amount of religious authority in society. The higher the caste system the less freedom a women had. Hinduism like Judaism saw women as dependent minors who needed to be controlled by men to succeed. Like most religions, Hinduism is a male dominated religion however due to this women were affected by their husband’s actions. Any respect that women had in society as daughters, mothers or wives were lost once their husbands passed, she would lost their status in family and suffered from many disabilities. Women are seen to be subservient to man in everyday life under the practice of Hinduism,

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