Hinduism and Buddhism

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Buddhism and Hinduism are two of the world’s most influential and greatest religions. Buddhism is a religion based on the teachings of the awakened one (Abrams), and Hinduism is the oldest of the world’s greatest religions (Rice). Both of these religions arose in South Asia, thus they share similar culture and philosophy; however, they also contrast greatly with each other in many other aspects. By comparing the rituals of worship of the two religions it is proven that Hinduism worships various deities, whereas Buddhism does not worship any. Rituals of worship such as puja and meditation are practiced in both religions, nevertheless the way and purpose of how they are done differ. Although Hinduism and Buddhism have almost the same …show more content…
Furthermore of all the dissimilarities in meditation, Hinduism and Buddhism have many things in common too. In Hinduism and Buddhism the aim of this ritual is to follow the path towards nirvana or moksha, which are the liberation from the eternal life cycle. As both religions have almost the same purposes for practicing meditation, the way in which it is done is very related: the meditator is concentrating to free their mind for desire and to enter into a peaceful state, in the meantime the person must be reciting mantras, chants, or in the case of Buddhism, the three jewels. In brief, meditation allows people to feel more connected with their community, and to identify themselves as a member of each religion.
The process of creating my essay has been quite stressful. First off because I was almost the last person in choosing the essay topic, thus when my turn came there were not many options available to choose from. After choosing my topic, I needed to choose which religions I would be comparing. As we had done Buddhism and Hinduism before the CPT was given to us, I chose to compare and contrast both religions, which seemed really captivating to me. I have learned many new things that I have not learned before while I was doing my research work. For instance, I now understand better the purposes of rituals for other religions, especially for Hinduism and
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