Hindustan Zinc Limited Debari Limited Summer Internship Report

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2012 HINDUSTAN ZINC LIMITED Mohit Parikh (2011159) [RATIO ANALYSIS AND EXPLORATORY RESEARCH ON TRAINING EFFECTIVENESS AT HINDUSTAN ZINC LIMITED DEBARI SMELTER] Completed under the able guidance of PROF. RAJ V. AMONKAR Acknowledgement At the outset I would like to thank Vedanta for providing me the opportunity to attend the summer internship program at Hindustan Zinc Limited Debari Smelter. The Summer Internship Program has been a great value addition to my profile and I hope to contribute immensely towards the corporate market provided I get an opportunity for the same in the later years of my career. I extend my sincere gratitude to Prof. Raj V. Amonkar (GIM) for the constant support and guidance during various stages of the project. I…show more content…
Our group companies are directed and controlled by a systematic process to enhance their wealth generating capacities. Our Governance process should ensure optimum utilisation of resources to meet the aspirations of our stakeholder’s aspirations and expectations of our society. We remained resolute in our commitment to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and the soundest corporate governance practices. The Company strongly believes in achieving the objectives of enhanced shareholder’s value and increased stakeholder’s interest through good corporate governance. The Company has set up a three tier governance structure, which helps it in strategic decision making, operations and project implementation:  Strategic Supervision: The Board of Directors exercises overall strategic supervision to lay down strategic goals, major expansion projects, capital expenditure and business plan approvals which ensure that

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