Hines Ward: Experiences with Racism

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65% of NFL players are African American. Hines Ward is also included in the percentage, but he is a special one as an African American but also as a Korean African football player. When most people think of Hines Ward, they think of an Asian-African American football superstar. Despite Ward’s success in football career must be emphasized, it’s not the outcome they should most respect, but the process and how he became a star. Racism in America still exists in everyday life. Even among black people, racism does exist. Hines Ward was a victim of racism in all white, Asian and black communities. While a few prejudices still stands against black people already, Ward had to endure the difference of his genetic mixture from his fellow African American friends. However what is more important than being bashed on for life about color is the fact that he overcame and became a symbolic and representative person for others who have impediments in life due to racial difference. There’s an old saying “Don't judge a man until you've walked in his boots,” and Hines Ward reveals the truth in this saying through his experiences in life as a lonely Asian, African American. His generosity with donations and endeavors to reach out for kids who are in similar situation as he used to be should also be emphasized throughout this paper. Hines Ward Jr. was born March 8, 1976, in South Korea. His dad, Hines Sr. was a G.I. in South Korea and his mother Kim Young He was a 25-year-old cashier. His…

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