Hinton Pulp A Division Of West Fraser Ltd

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Introduction Change is a term that can be interpreted in many different ways and can represent something valuable and different to everyone. In business terms, change is an opportunity for a company to alter their current processes and practices to create a better outcome. This paper evaluates and suggests recommendations for a company called Hinton Pulp a division of West Fraser Ltd. This paper presents the current problem Hinton Pulp faces and provides a variety of recommendation how they can fix it. The problem has caused a shift in employee production and caused an overall strain on the company. This paper further explains the pros and cons to each recommendation suggested and proposes the best solution to solve their current problem. The paper continues to elaborate how to successfully implement the recommendation by following a step-by-step plan and provides a justification for the chosen solution. Company background West Fraser first started in 1955 when three young men named Sam, Bill and Pete Ketcham “took a chance on a purchase of a small mill in the Town of Quesnel and showed business vision beyond their years “ (West Fraser, 2015) and created the world wide known company called West Fraser. West Fraser is a company that specializes in forestry, the production of lumber, and the production of pulp and paper. West Fraser is a prosperous company that has 40 operating mills located throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and numerous of states in the U.S. Since

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