Hip Fracture Video Analysis

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In this video a patient is having surgery performed on rotator cuff. Usually this kind of surgery is very server to treat. In the video the surgeon inserts an instrument to see what damage is done to the knee joint. While the instrument is inserted the surgeon can monitor the scope on the T.V.Surgery is needed if the shoulder strength does not improve. In the video the instrument used is silver tube about quarter inch in length. The tube is the size of pencil that also has camera so the surgeon can see on the t.v. screen. This kind of surgery is performed under sterile condition. In the video three incisions are cut so there three incisions are only quarter inch in length. Normal saline is used to help with washing out bleeding. This type of surgery involves joints and local anesthesia to be administered. The procedure they are performing is rotator cuff surgery. Personal experience this pass December, I had to have arthroscopy surgery on my right knee I tore my meniscus.
Hip Fracture
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Patients that experience hip fractures will die within a year. Many of these fractures are due to immobility according to assessment and Management of Clinical Problems (1788). Many falls occur in the older adult population and usually age over 60. Hip fractures not only happen with falls but also can come from blunt trauma to the hip, car accident, disease like osteoporosis and obesity can all be a major concern to hip fractures. The video talks about the common hip joint site are dislocation. Hip fracture may involve both vascular and bony damage to the body. Hip fractures are determined by atomic location of the fracture. These common fractures occur at the head of the femur, neck and greater trochanter. Over my twenty years of health care experience I have witness patients going through some difficult physical therapy. Many patients do not bounce back and many give up because the rehab is so
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