Hip Hop : A Genre Of Music

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Hip hop is widely know as a genre of music that started in a New York City borough called the Bronx in the late 1970s, but it is more than just the music. Hip hop is a culture that consists of being a disc jockey which is also known as deejaying or turntabling, MCing or rhyming “rapping”, graffiti, fashion, and breakdancing. Hip hop was mostly an underground culture only know to the people living in the Bronx. Hip hop is a relatively new culture which fascinates most people because it of its somewhat aggressive musical performance and how hip hop artists express their feelings about society and how the government treats people of the Hip Hop culture. Hip hop was and is still known as poetry talking about anything from technology to…show more content…
Look at all the money and the famous people.” People in the world, especially in America, thought New York City was heaven. But back then the Bronx was burning” (McDaniels). By this he means that most Americans believed that New York City was a place where you know that you have become successful and are living a struggle free life because that was the disco culture that was going on. But, the Bronx was part of New York City, and in the Bronx they had a record of about Twelve thousand fires in a single year and everyone in the Bronx was struggling to keep on providing for their families. Some say due to the poor living situations that the kids in the Bronx were going through helped create hip hop, they would go to hip hop parties to take their mind off of everything that was going on in their living situation and thus expanding hip hop. DJ Kool Herc was known for throwing the first Hip hop party on August 11, 1973, which most people say birthed hip hop into what it is known for today. Whenever DJ Kool Herc threw a party he would never play any of the popular disco stuff that they would always play on the radio instead he would play soul music, which is what most black kids would listen to when they were growing up. Another thing to note is that DJ Kool Herc wasn’t
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