Hip Hop, A Popular Genre Of Music

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Hip-Hop is a subcultural movement that formed in the early 1970s by African-American, Caribbean and Latino youths. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that it became popular outside of the African-American community and by the 2000s it became the most popular genre of music. However, the subculture has evolved through out the years and the comparison between then and now is growing increasingly big. Hip-Hop in the 80s consisted of music, dance, creativity and artistry. It also allowed people an avenue to express themselves and deliver a sense of their surroundings and backgrounds whether that was positive or negative. As well as this bringing communities together, it also drove them apart as expressing yourself got competitive and with hip hop being a music form. People would start to offend each other through lyrics, by pointing out disadvantages. This culture was now so competitive that violence started to outbreak due to people taking it to serious and this brought so much bad attention towards it, to be a rapper was basically classing yourself as a criminal. “Unfortunately, how most people remember hip-hop may be distorted through the prevalence of violence in the hip-hop culture, whether heard in lyrics, seen from artists or in the media 's representation of artist beef.” (Janeé, L. 2015) The fashion statement within this subculture was heavily frowned upon due to its strong relation to gangs and how they dressed. It consisted of over sized tracksuits, hoodies, baggy jeans

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