Hip Hop And Its Influence On The Culture Essay

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Hip hop is one of the most prominent component in life and culture today. Today, it is often affiliated as being a musical genre and style that is debatably the leading factor in music today. But hip hop is far more than that. It is a culture and a way life. It has helped form most what we know today. It has greatly influenced many ways that we choose to define ourselves. Clothing styles, all forms of art media, storytelling, and many other canvases that we typically use in our everyday life has been tremendously impacted the culture form of hip hop, and this trend is on a steady constant growth. Hip hop is the most prominent and notorious styles, especially among the black community. Over time it has rapidly grown to what we know it as today. Hip has not only taken of form of its own though, it also greatly influences other genres and forms in many ways. But the big questions are, what is the start for hip hop? What were hip hop’s influence(s) and where is it derived? What is the meaning hip hop? What is it trying to show/tell? And how did it come about? Not to many people know the true origins of hip hop and what it is meant to mean. Most people also don’t know how great of an influence this style and culture really had on other styles. Hip hop paved the way for almost anything we know of today and its influence has only grown even further over time. I will review how the modern genres of blues, ragtime, Jazz, R 'n 'B, Soul or Electro, etc. were developed during the late

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