Hip Hop And Rap Music Essay

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In our schools today, we need to start reinforcing the creative abilities of the younger generation and allow encourage them to express themselves. This is where, Hip Hop Based Education comes into play. Also known as HHBE, this a movement that helps bring hip hop into the classroom. “We are experiencing a generational shift in the U.S. teaching force. Because of this shift, along with the increased presence of hip-hop culture within American culture, many educators no longer view hip-hop culture with the same air of skepticism common in the early stages of HHBE” (Love). HHBE has many positive and influential outcomes for children living in inner cities. By bringing hip hop and rap music into schools it serves as an educational tool for educators as it “acts as an outlet so such people could express themselves angrily…they often used gangsta rap to tell the stories of their lives, which sometimes included strong violence, hypersexuality, and drug abuse”(Canton). We have to step away from the fact that most people associate hip hop as a form of negative influence that has violent tendencies and start realizing that artists using their music to spread a positive message to help influence others and their actions. “In high-crime areas, putting on these made up personas is life-threatening, but the fact that gangsta rappers told the stories of others is often seen as having earned them respect for raising awareness of the severity of inner-city crime” (Canton). Hip hop based

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