Hip Hop And Rap Music

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Hip Hop is also known as rap music, it was a genre formed in the United States in the 1970s that consists of stylized rhythmic music that commonly follows by rap music. Rap music is rhyming speeches that are chanted. It is a popular style of music that is developed by disc jockeys and urban black people in the late 1970s. It starts off with rhyming beat patterns in the background. It had all began in the Bronx of New York City, with urban men creating words that rhyme on the corner of their block. Rap music is the kind of music that I enjoy listening to. Rap music has many different meanings that I can relate too. In Rap music, there is a musician that creates words based on their feelings and mood. After creating the words, the musician ties the words to a beat that sounds catchy and appealing to listeners. In rap music there are no limitations to what can be said. Musicians can use profanity, violence and hate to express their feelings. Also, there is a length of the music that is being created. Originally, for the music to get played on the radio or television the musicians must make that the song is no longer than four minutes. Rap music reflects me because of the style that musicians create. Most of rap music that is being created come from males and females that were born and raised in the hood. Musicians that grew up with a hard life, whether sold drugs, gang bang, pop mollies or did anything that was violent. Being that I grew up in New York City and was around

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