Hip Hop And Rap Music

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In today’s generation there are many types of music. But a genre that stands out into day’s age is hip hop. This genre has become a major type of music that fluencies many people today. Music is something that always has been a part of civilization since the beginning of time. Some of the earliest forms of music one will find historically are in the bible. Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music; (palms 98:4) just like this verse there are many verses in the bible where God is talking to the people of Israel and commanding them to praise him through music. Throughout the millenniums there have been many different types of music, over the years music has devolved into something spectacular. Over this last couple of decades they’re has been a type of music that has grown, and become very important in today’s society, and that has influenced many people. This genre is hip-hop/rap music. The hip-hop culture/ rap culture begin in New York City over 25 years ago. Hip-hop begin in the early 1970s, and was found by a man named Kool dj herco who was a disc jockey, who learned to take identical records using an audio mixer, that he could play any segment over and over, which extended one segment for entire song. Hip-hop begin to become very popular throughout urban areas of new York. As rap music begin to grow in New York, people begin use rap as a way to express themselves, and tell the world about their everyday life’s. In the early

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