Hip Hop Culture And Culture

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How the Hip Hop Culture Separates But Comes Together The Hip Hop culture itself varies with individualism and collectivism, along with the power distance experienced with artists collectively starting joint ventures together as well as having polychronic opportunities but having the same monochronic idea, which is make money. This cultural began collectively on empowerment. Artists in this culture use their platform to promote their individuality whether it is good positive rap or “gangsta rap”. The Hip Hop Culture comes together collectively in the advancement of wealth and empowerment but separates through artist’s identity of individuality.
Cultural Identities/ Organizing Public and Private Environment
The Hip Hop Culture is collectively huge. However, if you break it down to subgenre culture it changes drastically. The Hip Hop Culture once started as an expressions of one’s life in poverty, the hood, or the ghetto. When this culture began it became a movement, a more positive one before “gangsta rap” hit the scene. East Coast rappers such as Mos-Def, A Tribe Call Quest, Goodie Map, OutKast, and a few others talked about: growing up; not having enough money for rent or grocery; paying child support; or just trying to making in life itself. Music at that time, many could and can relate to. While you had Public Enemy promoting self-awareness, and taking political stance on world issues, the “gangsta rap”, incorporated into the cultural environment, it makes the culture…

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