Hip Hop Culture And Its Impact On The American Society

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EEverything can be defined as a culture as long as a lifestyle is determined by a group of people who integrate the knowledge. Hip-Hop is not only considered as a musical genre, but also a culture. The Hip-Hop culture is an artistic movement that people uses to express themselves by practicing social and artistic habits. Some of these habits include dancing, and the art of producing music. DJs and MCs are responsible for producing the music for this group which is defined as rap. MCs, DJs, and B-Boys form part of this culture, they identify themselves into their own society and try to make others understand the way they live. As any other culture, Hip-Hop also has specials factors and beliefs that need to be followed by the members of this group. Hip-Hop culture have evolved verbal, visual and physical elements that had made an impact in the American society, the three most important cultural elements are rap music, breakdancing, and the art graffiti.

The Hip-Hop culture has an extensive list of qualities that define the way in which these people live the experience that Hip-Hop offers them. The primary element in the Hip-Hop music is the rhythm which in this case is rap. As the article Brothas Gonna Work it Out explains “[R]ap is what you do; hip hop is what you are. Rap is the act; hip hop is the culture” (48). Hip-Hop is the culture that create rap music. This music style has special members who are responsible for the rapping and the rhythm. Disc Jockeys, better known

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