Hip-Hop Culture in Los Angeles, California

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The term “Ethnomusicology” is defined as “the study of music in its cultural context.” Ethnomusicologists focus and study music in order to not only interpret its literal meaning but also to figure out its importance to its listeners and artists along with the way its purpose is communicated to its audience. . Ethnomusicology is highly versatile and multidisciplinary. People working in this sector could have solid foundations and basics of music ,dance, folklore and other different aspects related to music ,yet all ethnomusicologists share a meaningful and coherent foundation in approaches and methods followed. My music culture will be covering the hip-hop culture here in Los Angeles. Hip-hop originated around the late 60’s and…show more content…
The audience contains a wide variety of people. The music is not just targeted to one kind of audience that is why it is widely popular because it can entertain all sorts of people. Even though the main artists that participate are African American it is still open to basically anyone that wants to give it a try and some are even famous such as singer Jay Sean. The most important part of this music culture is the lyrics. Lyrics are used to express the artist’s emotions and struggles. Everybody has their own story, just as an author would write a story about it, a hip hop artist would sing about it. Some artists even try to send out messages trough their songs such as Lupe fiasco and Immortal Technique. Whatever they try to do with their songs the lyrics are the most important part to their music. Caleb exclaimed that in his songs that he talks about all aspects of love as well as trying to spread the message that people can do whatever they want and that they should never let anyone stop them. This message is evident in his song called “Blow My Mind,” in which he talks about the different things he would do different from the usually routine day and he challenges you to think of what would you do if it was not the usually routine day. There are many ways that this music is transmitted one of the man ways is by CDs even though iPods are eliminating the need for CDs they are still popular among transmitting

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