Hip Hop Evolution Essay

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Want to look back and see how much Hip hop has changed over the years? Hop in your car, turn on the radio and tune into 103.5 or 102.5 then tune into 101.1, feel old yet? Well thats because you are, and if you didn’t do what I said, or even care, the radio station 101.1 plays hip hop and Rnb hits from the 90’s and the early 00’s. If you compare the sound, lyrics, and even the style of music, the difference are quite drastic. But listen closely to the stations because the contrasts are quite telling of the standards of music in our current times. The origins of hip hop started in the late 70’s as a pastime that brought all the impoverished people of the projects together to have fun through. But decades later in the 90’s, people began to rap about many subjects ranging from the crack epidemic, hard life in the ghetto, or just having fun, but the underlying motive of rappers in this era was to reflect on their rough lifestyle through clever lyrics. The motive wasn’t for money, but recognition for their unique wordplay among the rap community. However, that all changed when record companies saw a financial opportunity in rappers, and rappers saw a financial opportunity through music. Due to the commercialization of hip hop, authenticity is rare to find in the mainstream…show more content…
It’s a culture that has gotten so big that its influence can be seen everywhere from movies, commercials, and even pop songs. “We live in a popularity contest now,” says the rapper Chuck Inglish. The genre has become so recognized to the point of over saturation, in addition the music industry has monopolized the radio to dumb down the masses with homogenous rap songs made by a handful of people. So it’s up to the listener to “Put our money where our ears want to be,” and support fresh, creative, and unique hip hop. If the listeners become intent with such sub standard expectations, then the authenticity of Hip Hop will die
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