Hip- Hop Has Become A Phenomenon Throughout Youth Culture.

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Hip- hop has become a phenomenon throughout youth culture. Many believed hip-hop was only a phase of music like disco, but as the genre continued to expand and evolve, it became clear that hip-hop was here to stay. (History of hip- hop: past, present, future) Hip- hop is made up of 2 main elements, DJing and rapping. DJ is short for disc jockey, which is a person who usually uses turntables to make music, and rapping is talking and chanting in an easy and familiar manner. (Hip-Hop: A Short History) In writing this research paper, I will explain the most impactful years of hip-hop, and the events surrounding them, starting from 1979, when Sugarhill Gang released “Rappers Delight”. Hip-hop started in the South Bronx’s of New York City.…show more content…
Hip-hop was strongly geared towards the black community in the beginning, and was a way for artist to speak up about the problems that impacted the community. That’s exactly what Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five did in 1982, when they released “The Message”. Many artist had songs that hinted at political statements, but most were swept under the rug. However, when “The Message” came out “it was poppy, but slowed down just enough that it was impossible to hear the song without really listening…”. The song was added to the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress. The National Recording Registry is “a collection of sound recordings that are culturally, historically, or aesthetically important, and /or inform or reflect life in the United States.” Rolling Stone also picked “The Message” as the best hip-hop song of all time. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five gave new opportunities to artist like Public Enemy and Chuck D, who may have not become famous if this song had not been a success. “Rap changed with “The Message”” In 1983, Run- DMC released “Sucker M.C”, which was a song about the group getting discovered, and how bad it was to be considered a “Sucker M.C”, meaning a bad rapper. “Sucker M.C” was important to hip-hop, for the fact that it separated the then new rappers, from the old. Up until this point, artist were using turntables, and used a technique called scratching to make their beats they would rap to. Run-

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