Hip-Hop Junkie

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The dark circular lines did not sketch a Picasso, they sketched a melody. The needle gouged into the deep grooves and emitted hard beats coupled with pounding bass. As the vinyl turntable spun Jay-Z’s hit song, Magna Carta, my spiritless bedroom turned into an energetic music studio. Harmonious notes ricocheted around the confinements of my room while my eyes shut out the outside world. The array of G Minor and F Sharp piano scales fused with the voice of Justin Timberlake and produced a song about how fame fools, and humility rules. To many I may come off as a hip-hop junkie, but Hip-hop was not always a large part of my life. While I always enjoyed listening to various artists like Michael Jackson or the Beatles in the backseat of my dad’s…show more content…
Each purchase of a new vinyl excited my adventurous personality. My urge to absorb new lyrics broadened my perspective as the vinyl spun on the turntable. I sampled the likes of Kanye West, Tupac, and Kendrick Lamar. Each song had a personality which invoked a ponderous yet passionate taste. Countless afternoons were spent creating new beats on Apple’s Garage Band by looping distinct synths and bass. Mixing the “Chip Shot Bass” with the “Hall of Fame Synth” blended into a beat which definitely could've made the cut in Lin Miranda Manuel’s hip-hop inspired Hamilton soundtrack. Not only did I attain an interest in developing music, I aspired to voice my thoughts free from discretion much like Jay-Z and Coolio. While I don't rap, I speak publicly. The opportunity to stand in front of many watchful eyes and voice my thoughts pumps my social adrenaline. My desire to speak has led to my avid involvement in debate and student government. Hip-hop pushed me to use my words protect wild wolves from being hunted in Texas by advocating for environmental issues and animal’s rights in online petitions and discussions. Albeit I speak without the banging of drums in the background, I speak with each pulse from my heart. Hip-hop’s image was misconstrued in my mind for so long. The opportunity to challenge the genre’s purpose led me to understand social conflicts, emotions, and
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