Hip Hop Music is More Than a Couple of Words

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Hip Hop music is more than just a couple of words that rhyme together; it's a culture, its spiritual movement that has helped people in various ways. Where it originated from is particularly among the African-American youth in Bronx, New York. DJ's in Bronx would isolate percussive breaks in popular songs and those genres of music were typically funk, disco, and soul records. Since those genres were relatively short, DJ's would use turn tables to extend and mix the beats which eventually formed a new genre of music known as hip hop. The father of hip pop was known as DJ Kool Herc, but other people might say Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five were the ones to do it because of their success of hip pop music. That group of artist was the…show more content…
Not too many famous rappers today are good lyricist, but they were able to come up with a good flow which led them to the place they are today. Now with a good flow you can become a great emcee, but with a good flow and good lyrics, you can become a legend. Having the ability to be able to together a bunch of words that rhyme and have symmetrical meaning to one another is a gift. Not too many rappers today have a good flow and good lyrics and to acquire this skill is to practice constantly and set your mind on one goal. Eminem even said it himself “You can do anything you set your mind to.” "Inspirational Quotes by Rappers." - HipHopComeup. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 May 2014. This kind of stuff doesn't come easy, this takes many years of studying and being able to come up with ways to master and perfect your lyrics and flow. What separates a good lyricist to a great lyricist is the ability to be able to use similes, metaphors, and muti-syllabic words. A simile is comparing two or more words that rhyme using like or as. A metaphor is comparing two or more words without using like or as. Multi-syllabic rhymes are two or more words that have two or more syllables. King Los mastered the use of multi-syllabic words and rhyming with metaphors and similes. That is how he is in his position today; he was able to create a strong art work of lyrics. He evened said it himself “That's just something you have to

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