Hip Hop Vs Hip Hop

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The history of Hip-Hop and Rap started in the 1970`s in the Bronx of New York City. Rap shares its roots with other forms of traditionally African-American music, such as jazz, blues, and soul. Rap may also be closely linked to reggae music, a genre that also developed from the combination of traditional African drumming. The development of rap and reggae has been an intertwined path of two different styles, which have grown from and have thrived, in similar circumstances. Finally, just as reggae has been under attack for some artists' seeming advocacy of violence to solve social, political, and economic problems, rap has become the victim of the American musical fabric, as it, too, has faced mass popularity and commercialisation. Not only has Hip-Hop had a major influence on society throughout the years, music as a whole has had impact on the world today and society within it. Music has been a powerful technique for stimulating social awareness throughout American history. Music simultaneously reflects trends, ideals, conditions in society, and encourages attitudinal progression and social change. To this end, Hip Hop in the United States can be perceived as “a blend of reality and fiction” insomuch that “rap music is a contemporary response to conditions of joblessness, poverty, and disempowerment… it is a rebellion against white America’s economic and psychological terrorism against Black people” 1.The increasing popularity of Hip Hop culture throughout the nineties can
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