Hip-Hop's Greatest Game Changers: Run-DMC Rap

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Hip-hop was formed during the late 1970s by African Americans and Latinos who lived in the poorest places in the United States. Especially all the major districts in New York. “ Hip hop’s origin in the early 1970s in the South Bronx of New York City is most often attributed to Dj Kool herc and his desire to entertain at a party.” ( Boyer& Graham 2016). One of the many greatest game changers to hip-hop music is Run-DMC, from artistic fashion senses, to the sound of their tunes, and being so popular amongst million of listeners. They also received a gold and platinum album in the early 1980s. The way Run DMC rapped was nothing but factual life stories of they witness growing up. Also being proactive with very powerful messages. From believing
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