Hip-Hop's Impact On Youth And Hip Hop Culture

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Youth and hip-hop culture plays a significant role in our society and can influence one another. Hip-hop has developed as a pure and original cultural expression of African American youth in 1970’s. Hip-hop and its culture come from a creative self-expression that comes from a struggle of living in declining cities. Since then, hip-hop has expanded and has given a voice to any youths with all diversities and background today. However, mainstream hip-hop promotes a lifestyle of materialism, which has also helped promote the outlook on the discrimination of women and violence through the lyrics and its visual content. My research question was “ How Hip-Hop affects the younger generation and youth culture. With this research, i found how rap music and hip-hop culture influences on the youth are universal. Also that these “influences are not only on Black urban youth but affect many diverse youth groups nationally and globally”(Mahaji 122). There is a message behind every song and behind this is an artist relaying a message to an audience. Whether the message is positive or negative a message is still being given. Today's hip-hop is a lot more mainstreamed and it usually embraces the consuming of luxury items and symbols of success and status. Materialism is now a central message within hip-hop and although it does not represent hip-hop as what, it receives the most attention. Some themes represented in mainstream hip-hop becomes very problematic and in the outlook of young

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