Hip Of Hip Hop Music

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Hip Hops Redemption Hip hop music is described as, “a subculture especially of inner-city youths who are typically devotees of rap music”. (Merriam.com) Hip hop music is one of the most listened to genres in history. Hip-hop music started in the mid 1970’s, but some say that it started much earlier. Many people today would argue that Hip Hop is disgraceful now a days, and that it has no positive message given. Me personally, I would agree since the days have changed over time. I could also argue that music as a whole has changed and wouldn’t always be the same, but that’s not the main point. The main point is to show how Hip-hop music is actually positive. For starters, music has always been very special to people. Music can affect people, even more than people affect people. Think about it, even in the bible days, Lucifer was the ruler over music. God’s most beautiful angel controlled music and the music set the tone in heaven. Yes, music has a very strong impact on humans, animals, and deities out there. Hip Hop is an awesome form of music. Hip Hop started off from poetry. Yes Langston Hughes would be known as a lyricist in today’s era. It was meant to express the troubles and sadness throughout the lives of blacks. Hip Hop has gone through it’s changed throughout time. As technology advanced Hip hop has also advanced “too an extent”. Usually the older generation, when hearing todays Hip hop music would say, “How do you listen to all this

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