Hip Surgery Papers

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There was a girl named Quinley and the only thing she loved in life was basketball. She is 15 years old, but when she was 13 she started having problems with her hips. It was such a big problem that she had to have hip surgery. This was the worst thing that could have ever happened to her and it scared her because all she could think about was the bad things. Those bad things were that she might never be able to play basketball again.

The day came, it was time for her to have her first surgery on her left hip. The surgery took seven hours but it went well. Now comes the therapy and trying to get better so they can do the other side. Quinley spent a lot of time on the couch because she couldn't do anything. After awhile she started to have
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Quinley and her parents decided that they need to go to Florida to do the surgery. Her parents didn't even want to think of how much money it was going to cost to go to Florida but they knew going there was going to be the best choice. The only bad thing about Quinley going down to Florida was that her dad, Chris, can't go with. Instead her grandma, Jean, and mom, Natalie, took her. They got down to Florida as soon as possible and the surgery had started. This side didn't take as long and that was a good thing because that means the surgery went well too. Quinley had to stay at the hospital for a few days but the good thing about that was she got a physical therapist down there that helped her try to get a little strength in her leg before she got to leave to go back to Iowa. The plane ride wasn't as bad as Quinley thought it would be. She got a good seat that was in the front so she could extend her leg out so it wasn't as uncomfortable. The plane ride only took three hours and those hours didn't seem very long. When she got to the airport her dad and grandpa were waiting there for her. Quinley was ready to go home and when they got there her brothers and cousins were there waiting for
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