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The HIPAA Disaster Did you know that violating HIPAA can lead to criminal charges and even possible jail time? Also can cost you up to $1.5 million a year depending on the violation (Brown,2014). Violating HIPAA can be something as little as talking about the treatment of your patient that day to another nurse in the elevator. In this paper HIPAA will be defined and the importance of HIPAA in the health care system. As well as outcomes of what will happen if laws are violated. In addition, the scenario ending and what should happen to the nurse. Lastly, the advantages and disadvantages of cellphones and electronic devices in healthcare. HIPAA, Legal, and Regulatory What exactly is HIPAA one might ask. According to Health Care Services,…show more content…
If one violates one’s privacy they are looking at very costly civil violations. For unknowing violations, one’s privacy, you will owe $100 per violation and $25,000 for a repeat violation. For violation HIPAA for a reasonable cause, it is $1,000 per violation with $100,000 for repeat violations. As for willful neglect but the violation is corrected within a certain time period it is $10,000 per violation with $250,000 for a repeat violation. Lastly, someone could owe $50,000 per violation and up to a maximum of $1.5 million for a repeat violation that is not corrected within the required time period (Brown,2014). As if that doesn’t seem to get any worse someone is also looking to facing criminal penalties when violating these laws. For individuals who knowingly violate HIPAA laws they can face up to a year of imprisonment. With someone who has the intentions to sell someone’s information to another individual can face up to ten years in prison (Brown, 2014). When starting a job in a hospital all employees are required to sign their understanding of the HIPAA laws for that hospital. Many hospitals require certain training and in-services to provide understanding of the laws and its importance in the hospital setting. If HIPAA is violated most hospitals let the employee know in the paperwork that they sign that they will be terminated immediately. The Scenario Ending The ending for this scenario that is most appropriate is

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