Hipaa And Release Of Records

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HIPAA and Release of Records The information contained in the medical records is confidential and can only be released to authorized individuals in accordance with state and federal regulations. At Consulate Health Care only authorized persons may have access to clinical records in the permanent record file. Specifically authorized personnel are those involved in resident care, the Executive Director, consultants employed by the Facility, appropriate representatives of survey agencies, and others engaged in research projects who have been approved by the Executive Director. As a health care provider, Beneva Lakes’ primary focus of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA, is: Combating against fraud and abuse; Ensuring confidentiality and security of individuals’ information/data; and Mandating uniform standards for electronic data transmissions of patient health information. Sharing Protected Health Information, PHI, is allowed for the purposes of treatment, billing, health care operations, determining eligibility and with patient authorization. Any sharing of PHI not required or allowed by federal of state statute is improper and it must be properly maintained for at least ten years. It is Consulate Health Care’s policy that prior to releasing PHI for promotional purposes, the provider must receive a written authorization that includes the dates it is valid and the ability of the patient to revoke the authorization. Unless expressly prohibited by a

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