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Industry-Specific Case Study Consider your case-study industry and the security discussions that are taking place there. Consider the security discussions that are taking place in this seminar. Delve into the models that have been explored and articulate what you and your colleagues think of these conceptual frameworks. Assess the overall value of models and frameworks to your industry's security environment. Reference sources and the interview will be essential to the success of this particular assignment. Your paper should answer this question: How useful are the models you have studied in analyzing, understanding and clarifying security requirements and roles in your industry? Your response should be specific and closely tied to…show more content…
Quality patient care requires the communication of relevant information between health professionals and/or health systems. Healthcare professionals who regularly work with patients and their confidential medical records should contribute to the development of standards, policies, and laws that protect patient privacy and the confidentiality of health records/information. Recent developments in technology have changed the delivery of health care and the system used to record and retrieve health information. In addition to using paper medical records, healthcare professionals, hospitals and insurers routinely use computers, phones, faxes, and other methods or recording and transferring information. In many instances, this information - which could include medical diagnoses, prescriptions, or insurance information - is readily available to anyone (including clerical and other staff) who walks by a fax machine or logs on to a computer. This lack of privacy has the potential to undermine patients' relationships with providers and adversely affect the quality of care. Patients may also fear that the exposure of personal health information, including the results of genetic tests that are becoming increasing available, could result in the loss or denial of health insurance, job discrimination or personal embarrassment. A patient's right to privacy with respect to

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