Hippie Barbie

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Hippie Barbie, written by Denise Duhamel uses the symbols of the contemporary life of the fairy-tale lifestyle into reality. The words and ideas used in this narrative poem give fantasy a different perspective. It is inferred that the speaker is a female Barbie specialist, who reflects her knowledge by using the popular Barbie doll as the main character. Throughout the poem, she gives key points that have female perspective; for instance, kissing Ken, thinking about having mixed-race children, and walking a poodle. She establishes a story-telling tone, which introduces Hippie Barbie as a real woman. The speaker is trying to address to all Americans that know deeper into Barbie doll life. By using the word “hippie” she gives a sense of…show more content…
On the other hand, men that have side-burns are the ones that have chopped off their beard and left hair only on the sides of their faces. The side-burns can be a representation against the parameters of society. In this case, Ken’s side-burns are loosened and stuck to Barbie’s cheeks. It is inferred that Ken is living a fake life. The author is using allusion in this line of the poem as a reference to the popular long side-burns used by hippies. Liberalism is a big theme throughout the poem. The author expresses this in the line “There were no black male dolls yet so she guessed a mixed-race love-child was out of the question.” The author is giving a message of unfaithfulness. It gives a sense of ambiguity to the behavior of the character. Symbolism is a big factor in this poem. For instance, in the last lines of the poem she states, “She couldn't make a peace sign with her stuck-together fingers. She felt a little like Sandra Dee at a Janis Joplin concert.” The V sign or peace sign has been for its meaning of victory. In World War II it was also used as a symbol of deviance towards Britain. Again, the author is using allusion to history, and giving a feeling of fight and opposition. The “stuck-together fingers” represent the relationship with the

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