Hippies : The American Hippies

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The subculture that I chose was the American Hippies or also known as a (Hippy). American hippies came out in the mid-1960s. Hippies are known as a youth generation group of people that protest for drugs, rock music, peace, and spiritual quest. Hippies protest for certain rights like legalizing drugs such as marijuana and heroin. The hippies also protest for their beliefs. They believed in peace being served. What hippies believe in, they think it is suitable and okay with doing it. Books, movies, articles, etc. describes hippies in their own different ways. The hippies made their own culture. Some chose to wear different clothing styles and designs. It is important to know why the hippies do what they do and why they respond to things the way they do. We need to know the reasons they started their protest and why they started their culture. Hippies are middle age men and women who chose to believe in the practices they do. Hippies created their own music that described them and how they feel. The hippies are different in their own way and is important to society today as well. A hippy is a person who is up for peace protest and believe in what they practice, based off the movies I watched. The three movies I watched all had the same similar description of a hippy. This subculture is important because some people do not even know what a hippy could be. Also, people do not even know if they are a hippy their-self. They also don’t think about if they fit the description of
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