Hippies : Who Are They?

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Freaks Hippies. Who are they? Why are they called hippies? Where did they even come from? History has taught us that hippies are protestors, educators, lovers and friends of the world. If you have never heard of or saw a hippie before, then let me be the first to bring it to help create a visual mindset of how they look and dress. Most of us have seen the basic “hippy image”. Bell bottom blue jeans, tie-dyed shirts, bandanas, circle sunglasses, both men and women had long hair and of course we cannot forget, bare feet. Why bother buying shoes when they had their feet for free? The way that hippies dressed was a visual set for their beliefs, values, customs and so forth. Hippies were also vegetarians and believed that The word “hip” comes from the beatniks, a group of poets and writers from the 60’s. “Someone who was hip could see through the social demands of the era and maintained a kind of Zen-like detachment from them. That person was usually highly literate, preferred jazz, hung out in coffee shops and maintained a bohemian lifestyle that often included smoking marijuana. A hip person was "cool," and said much by saying little.” (Chris Deziel, 2001, p. 56). Hippies were originated around the year of 1960 in North America and Western Europe and took a stand against conformity. Following decisions that are generated by yourself or others is what hippies stood by throughout all of these years and is also why they live so freely and accept anyone and everyone. Hippie’s
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