Hippocampal Subregions

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Accumulating evidence has shown that age-related episodic memory differences are closely associated with the development of hippocampal subregions. In particular, area CA1 is believed to play a significant role in the encoding of related experience. Prior work has pointed out that memory integration occurs during the encoding of two related events. Previous studies have also suggested that the developmental changes in CA1 volume are related to the improvement in associative inference from childhood to adulthood. However, it remains an open question whether contextual information of two related episodes will influence memory integration and the ability to make associative inference. Also, little is known about whether this impact changes…show more content…
It has been shown that the development of the ability to combine events that share common information is supported by the improvement of episodic memory behaviors (Martin-Ordas et al., 2014). Further, age-related memory differences can be attributed to the development of hippocampal subregions (DeMaster et al., 2016). In particular, Cornu ammonis fields 1(CA1) functionally contribute to the encoding and generalization of related events (Schlichting et al., 2014). The improvement in associative memory inference from childhood to adulthood is also related to the developmental changes in CA1 volume (Schlichting et al., 2016).
While a host of studies (Schohamy & Wagner 2008; Schlichting & Preston 2014; Schlichting& Preston 2015) have highlighted that experiencing overlapping content can lead to memory integration and thus facilitates memory inference, it remains unclear whether increased similarity of two related episodes will influence memory. One open question is how overlapping contexts across multiple episodes will affect memory integration and inference. Additionally, whether this impact changes over development is also not well characterized. In this study, by manipulating the contexts in which related events occur as blank, identical or different, I will be investigating the impact of overlapping contextual information on memory integration and inference in both children and adults. I will employ a modified version

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