Hippocampus Clique Story

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One day he returned home with his best friends. He found that his grandfather was caught by the Hippocampus Clique. So he wanted to save his grandfather and went to the Hippocampus Clique with his friends. They found that Hippocampus Clique abduct the grandfather in order to get a rare cards. The boss of the Hippocampus Clique——Seto Keiba get the card and tear up it .So the cards he own became the most precious. In order to revenge for his grandfather, he have a duel with Keiba. However ,because of he didn’t want to involve he put a convention with his frends——they draw a smell in hands which could be shown by mixture to express their power to the Yugi. Duel began,Yugi was dominated.And there were four Autra kill cards in his hands. At last
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